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A new country means a new journey! Our Guru will tell you how to come to Belarus and have a good time. Here you will find the answers to all the important questions: do I need a visa and how do I get it? What is registration and which insurance should I buy? And the most important question: what to see and where to go!

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Для опытного путешественника
For a passionate traveller

There are places that make you come back again and again. If Belarus is still a white spot on your map, it’s time to fix it!

No matter how many countries you have visited, Belarus can surprise even the most experienced traveler. Ask the Guru!

For a business


The huge potential of Belarus as a platform for MICE-tourism is provided not only by its geographical location and developed infrastructure, but also by the rapid growth of the technology market.

Belarus has everything you need for a successful business tourism. And we know what you’re gonna need!

Для бизнес гостя
Для всей семьи



Choose modern formats of family holidays! The perfect mix of comfort
for adults and a large selection of entertainment for children:
everyone will be happy.

Spend time with your loved ones while the Guru takes care of everything else.

Возьми Гуру с собой

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Especially for you we have developed a highly intelligent bot that
will gladly help you at any stage of the journey: provide all the
necessary information, give valuable travel advices and be your
personal tour guide on exclusive tours of Belarus.

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